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2 Aug

You’re so busy making maps, with my name on them in all caps.

You got the talking down, just not the listening.

Ugh… I’m tired, and don’t feel like writing tonight.  So, I’ll save my story about Match 2 for tomorrow night.  I call Match 2… Caps, hence the lyrics above (from Sara Barielles’s King of Anything).  But I will give you a quick update on current matching activity.  I now have Match 11, 12, and 13 in emails.  This is like a full time job… while I love communicating and getting to know each gentleman, it really is a trick to keep everyone’s details straight.  I’m hoping Match 11 will ask for my phone number soon, otherwise I’ll just offer it up… Match 12 I’m scared of… he seems extremely intelligent and if I’m on the phone with him I won’t have the luxury of looking things up on Google ;), Match 13 seems like a simple, down to earth guy that loves full figured women and states I’m not going to chase him away by claiming to be one… yikes… does he have my number already?  He also keeps complimenting me on my beautiful smile and nice blue eyes.  For a man of few words, he’s using the few correctly… enough to get my attention at least 🙂

Okay… more tomorrow on Match 2… Caps… An eHarmony match up.