And Then There Was One…

10 Aug

You might want to read Spread The Net… Far and Wide before delving into my next dating drama… So I had a great conversation with B1 (Bachelor 1) last night on the phone.  We talked about everything from politics to favorite movies… shared a ton of laughs… By the end of the call, I was really looking forward to our date on Sunday.  It was at the end of the call where things started to go really wrong.  I was saying good night and he said, ‘Hey, let’s talk about plans for the weekend’.  Okay, I’m thinking to myself, he must’ve enjoyed our conversation and wanted to firm up plans for Sunday.

Let me say, before I go forward, that I turned down a date with B2 for Sunday since I thought B1 and I had plans.  Perhaps this is karma coming back to bite me in the ass.  Anyway, he says that he wants to make ‘tentative’ plans (good Lord… is this an epidemic?  See Tune into Your Intuition…) for Sunday because his friend might want to do something with him on Sunday too.  Huh?  Do I have another Mr. Maybe on my hands here?  I’m not going to lie… this did not sit right with me and the following conversation ensued:

Me:  “I’m sorry… I don’t work that way.”

B1:  “What?  What do you mean?”

Me: “Well, I thought we had plans for Sunday.  Now you want to make tentative plans?  So I’m what?  Your back-up plan for Sunday if plans with your friend don’t work out?  Hmm… No… I don’t think so.”

B1 (totally annoyed): “I should’ve not said anything!”

Me (thinking to myself): So it’s better to make plans and then cancel on Sunday? (evidently he was channeling Mr. Maybe)

Me: “Look, I’d like to go out with you… When you have the time and want to make concrete plans to go out, give me a call.”

B1:  “What? What did I do?”

Me: “Talk to some of the ladies you work with; tell them what you did/said, and I have a feeling they’re going to tell you you’re an asshole.” (Okay… I admit… that comment was totally unnecessary and completely out of character for me. But dammit, I’m sick of this crap).

B1: Silence

Me: Okay, well… Have a good night, I’ll talk to you soon.

I think that’s the last I’ll hear from B1.  I truly believe he sees nothing wrong with what he did and probably thinks I’m some sort of wacko, and maybe he’s right.  But the bottom line?  I’m not settling for anything less than what I deserve, and I think I deserve more than being a ‘tentative’ anything.


3 Responses to “And Then There Was One…”

  1. dingdongitsmrwrong August 10, 2012 at 2:59 pm #

    The cheek! He’s a definite Mr Wrong! If the man can’t make a simple plan then…you deserve better. “Tentative”- if you’d already made the arrangement that’s definitely a bit off. Boo! Bring on B2! That, although it peed you off at the time, was an entertaining read and we’ve all been there hun (well I have!) Tentative nothing. You are worth more.

    Check out my blog. I am writing a book called Mr Wrong – “a humorous yet insightful exploration into why we keep attracting Mr Wrong and how to claim Mr Right.” Here you will find some excerpts, discussions and stories. Please, please contribute as all your thoughts, opinions and experiences are greatly welcomed.

    Check out


    • pirsquare314 August 10, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

      Hello! Thank you for your affirmation! I honestly wondered if it was me? Your blog looks great, looking forward to hearing more about your book! I’ll pop over and add my .02 🙂 Thanks again and best of luck!

  2. dingdongitsmrwrong August 10, 2012 at 3:16 pm #

    Thanks for your support. Us ladies should stick together! 😉 I look forward to hearing your stories/opinions

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