Spread the Net… Far and Wide…

10 Aug

I was talking to a friend last week about my last date that ended up going nowhere.  She said, “You know what your problem is”, I braced myself  for a harsh dose of reality… this friend holds no punches.  She continued, “You’re limiting yourself by talking to only one guy at a time.  You’re putting all your eggs in one basket!  It’s like you think you’re cheating on a potential match if you pursue other opportunities.  You don’t owe these guys anything… You aren’t in a relationship… yet!  You’re just taking them for a test drive to see if you want (or they) want to continue dating.”  Mind you, she hadn’t taken one breath yet.  “You need to spread your net far and wide.  Talk to multiple guys. Date multiple guys.”

I never did learn to juggle, but I ended up, ending our lunch date by promising I’d give this multi-dating concept a try. The best way to stir up some interest and get your profile more attention, is to update it.  That’s what  I did.  Within a few days I had over 10 gentleman contact me.  There was no way I had the time (or patience) to communicate with 10 men at one time, so I narrowed the field to a more manageable three.  Here’s a short  profile/description of each:

Bachelor Number 1 – Funny, intelligent guy that likes to talk.  I think he needs to work on the two way communication thing a bit, but he does actually call me by my name (which I find totally refreshing).  Who knew something so basic would become something so important?

Bachelor Number 2 – Again… Witty guy, very intelligent… lots of similar interests.  Potential issues could be that he’s never been married/no kids…and he lives about an hour away.

Bachelor Number 3 – Seems like a down to earth, honest guy… but I don’t think we have the same views on child rearing (he’s never been married/no kids) and I think… and I don’t mean to be harsh… but I think he’d bore me to death within a week.

I have a date with BN1 on Sunday and a date with BN2 on Tuesday… This is the very first time I’ve dated two different men in the same week.  I’m not sure I’m quite comfortable with it… but since I’m looking for a needle in a haystack, I suppose it makes sense to use two hands instead of one 😉


4 Responses to “Spread the Net… Far and Wide…”

  1. dingdongitsmrwrong August 11, 2012 at 9:29 am #

    Absolutely nothing wrong with that. I did that for a while until I met “JudgeJustice” and he, I repeat he asked me after a around three weeks if we were “exclusive” I decided by that time I liked him enough to date him or “see” him properly and see where it went. So I stopped “shopping” and if cute guys did email (there was one.) I’d simply say, “thanks for your message. Your profile looks really interesting. I am dating someone at the moment but wanted to do the polite thing and respond.” Not sure though how a man would feel about 2nd best though if you were then to contact them after you and current dating partner break up. I did his and communication is very slow. Wish l’d dated him instead of Mr Dreamer JudgeJustice!

    • pirsquare314 August 11, 2012 at 11:32 am #

      Thank you so much for your comment! It’s quite possible he’s seeing someone now, but trying to keep the lines of communication open? Until he stops responding or clearly says he’s not interested… Don’t give up! I’ve had the same situation… Where I opted for one guy, and as a result lost an opportunity with another… Of course, in my mind, the one that got away was my soul mate ;), but chances are, that wasn’t the case at all. I guess I look at it this way… I’m doing my part (by actively looking) to help the fates along… so now it’s just up to timing… I just hope I find him sooner than later 😉


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