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Spread the Net… Far and Wide…

10 Aug

I was talking to a friend last week about my last date that ended up going nowhere.  She said, “You know what your problem is”, I braced myself  for a harsh dose of reality… this friend holds no punches.  She continued, “You’re limiting yourself by talking to only one guy at a time.  You’re putting all your eggs in one basket!  It’s like you think you’re cheating on a potential match if you pursue other opportunities.  You don’t owe these guys anything… You aren’t in a relationship… yet!  You’re just taking them for a test drive to see if you want (or they) want to continue dating.”  Mind you, she hadn’t taken one breath yet.  “You need to spread your net far and wide.  Talk to multiple guys. Date multiple guys.”

I never did learn to juggle, but I ended up, ending our lunch date by promising I’d give this multi-dating concept a try. The best way to stir up some interest and get your profile more attention, is to update it.  That’s what  I did.  Within a few days I had over 10 gentleman contact me.  There was no way I had the time (or patience) to communicate with 10 men at one time, so I narrowed the field to a more manageable three.  Here’s a short  profile/description of each:

Bachelor Number 1 – Funny, intelligent guy that likes to talk.  I think he needs to work on the two way communication thing a bit, but he does actually call me by my name (which I find totally refreshing).  Who knew something so basic would become something so important?

Bachelor Number 2 – Again… Witty guy, very intelligent… lots of similar interests.  Potential issues could be that he’s never been married/no kids…and he lives about an hour away.

Bachelor Number 3 – Seems like a down to earth, honest guy… but I don’t think we have the same views on child rearing (he’s never been married/no kids) and I think… and I don’t mean to be harsh… but I think he’d bore me to death within a week.

I have a date with BN1 on Sunday and a date with BN2 on Tuesday… This is the very first time I’ve dated two different men in the same week.  I’m not sure I’m quite comfortable with it… but since I’m looking for a needle in a haystack, I suppose it makes sense to use two hands instead of one 😉


Mr. Charming… Meet Doug…

4 Aug

So I just got home from my date.  Let me say this… Mr. Charming, was indeed charming.  Super nice guy… smart, funny… we had great conversation.  I think he has the potential of being a great friend…. not sure the ‘chemistry’ was there.    I think we’re just at different stages in our lives… maybe the 9 year difference is just too much for us.  He seemed unsure of himself.  I think I’m looking for a take charge kind of guy.  In any case, we shared a lovely dinner, hugged good bye and said we’d talk again soon.  Honestly, one of my better first dates 🙂 even without the chemistry or kiss goodnight… Does that say anything?  Anyway, I finally figured out who Mr. Charming reminds me of… Doug.  Mind you, this is a high compliment as Doug is one of my all time favorite cartoons.

Maybe it’s time to leave the roller coaster behind for a while?  Take some time to focus on myself.  I’ve been really toying with the  idea of joining a gym.  While I embrace my curves, I’m not sure the male population is quite ready to do the same.  I have found the online dating pool for the plus size 40 something woman is more of… well… a puddle.  Pickings are slim folks!   No matter which way you dice it or slice it… being overweight is a handicap in the dating world, online or otherwise.   There’s a part of me that wants to work towards thiness in hopes of leveling the playing field a bit more, and then there’s that other side.  The other side yearns for  someone that finds beauty in my curves and can see me and love me for who I am… right now.

On a much, much, lighter note, I have noticed a pattern with the men I date.  The last 4 out of 5 gentlemen I’ve gone out with have all driven pick-up trucks.  What’s up with that?   Not that I have anything against pick-up trucks or the men/women that drive them, but it is a weird coincidence, no?   Is there some sort of personality trait that is attracted to a flat bed?

Bye… Bye… Mr. Maybe…

3 Aug

A few years ago, I went to Great Adventure with my daughter, and my boyfriend at the time.  We stood for a half hour to go on El Toro… a wickedly scary wooden roller coaster.  I remember my heart was pounding and my palms were sweaty… the adrenaline rush as the attendant locked me in (good lord… it was a tight fit for a full figured gal).  As the roller coaster car made it’s climb up… up… up… my stomach began to knot and I wanted to jump off, as if that was better than swooping down the hill.  As we crested the top… my breath caught… life seemed to be suspended for just a moment… no sound… and then… the screaming started.  Eyes closed, clutching my daughter’s arm and screaming, “Never again!  Never again!”.   I was off balance when I got off that ride… and not sure I would ever get back on.  My dating life pretty much runs the same way… ups and downs… spinning in circles only to end up exactly where I started.

Case in point–Mr. Maybe… we’ve been going in circles for weeks now and yet have not made it out on a second date.  That book/movie keeps coming to mind… ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’… let’s face it, if he really was into me, I’d be getting more than texts with empty promises of  ‘let’s go out’.  I’m done with this roller coaster.  So, since we don’t talk on the phone, tonight I texted my good wishes and good bye.  I feel a little disappointed, but I know it wasn’t going to go anywhere.  So goodbye Mr. Maybe… I wish you all the best in your quest for ‘love’.

Enter Mr.Charming. Let me just say it.  I like Mr. Charming.  Mr. Charming writes beautiful emails, texts and calls me on the phone.  While I’m not a big phone person myself, I really look forward to him calling.  We have plans to go out tomorrow night.  While I’m excited about meeting him in person, I am also scared.  I’d hate to lose the friendship we’ve only just begun.  It’s really not often that you find someone that has the same interests, same taste in music, same values, makes you laugh… makes you think… and makes you blush.  What if the ‘magic’ just isn’t there in person? Arggg… I feel like I’m waiting in line for another roller coaster ride.  Tomorrow I’ll be slowly climbing the mountain and at 7pm tomorrow evening… I’ll be roaring down the hill into the unknown…

Does the Holy Grail Really Exist?

31 Jul

I suppose we’re all searching for our own list of holy grails in life… especially when it comes to fashion.  Me?  I’ve been on a 40 year quest for the perfect pair of jeans.  I have tried almost every plus sized jean on the market only to come up empty handed.  Oh sure, there have been some that have come close… but nothing has ever checked all the boxes on my list.  My figure can not be squeezed into the typical categories like hour glass, apple or pear.  I’m more of a… block 🙂

If I look for jeans to fit my waist, they are usually bagging off my ass and most likely will be tight on my ‘shapely’ thighs. Luckily I’ve never had to suffer with the gapping waist dilemma… as I don’t have a waist 🙂  The upside of that is I did escape the whole ‘mom’ jean trend as I can not wear jeans that are high waisted… for me it’s like having a tourniquet around my waist, which might work if I stood up 24/7, but, for God’s sakes,  don’t dare try to sit down… Ouch!  I don’t think there’s anything more sexy than a new boyfriend peeling off you jeans for the first time only to find a bevy of angry red lines and indentations ringing your stomach like Saturn.

Some jeans that have come close for me include… Diane Gilman Jeans from HSN, a discontinued style of Denim Lite Jeans from The Avenue. and a 15 year old pair of jeans from Lane Bryant that had a lower rise and no set-in waistband… I still have those jeans even though the inner thighs are practically threadbare.

One sleepless night I was flipping through channels and fooled into thinking I had finally found the holy grail of jeans.  Enter the Pajama Jean.  Could this modern marvel of fashion foolery be the answer?  It took a lot of control not to pick up the phone at 2am to order myself a pair, but I resisted the temptation.  There was something not quite right in the look of the Pajama Jean… yes… you could bend, sit… even sleep in these jeans, but the problem was, they didn’t actually look like jeans… they looked like… well pajamas.  Sighs.. so close and yet so far.  The search continued… endless trying on in stores.  Endless online and catalog orders… the return shipping fees were driving me to the poor house.

Through it all, I couldn’t let go of the idea of the pajama jeans.  It was a good idea… a knit jean. With shaking fingers I tried a new google search… knit jeans… I don’t know why I hadn’t tried that before.  I pressed enter and waited with baited breath.   There it was… LL Bean Knit Jeans.  Bingo!  They looked like real jeans and had a 4.5 star rating (193 reviews… even Oprah said she liked them!).  Since I have an LL Bean credit card, I get free shipping and returns, so I had nothing to lose, plus I had a bunch of reward coupons ready to expire… the denim gods were speaking to me.

It took me a few orders to find the right size (definitely order down a size).  I opted for the bootcut style as they sit lower on the waist and are cut a bit slimmer through the hips and thigh.  They are a little pricey, but when I slipped them on and took them for a test run, I realized you really can’t put a price on comfort and fit.  They hugged my curves without making me look… lumpy.  I could sit, bend, squat without gasping… and it appears the rings of Saturn have been banished to another galaxy.  Because it’s been so darn hot here, I haven’t challenged them to a full day of wear yet… but I am ever hopeful the holy grail is within my grasp.

The Double Standard of Double Chins…

27 Jul

So in the aftermath of being virtually stood up, I escaped to my kindle for comfort.  I am in the process of reading ‘Gone Girl’… which I’m really enjoying, but, I was reading another blog where someone mentioned a play called ‘Fat Pig’ by Neil LaBute.  I love a story where the less than perfect heroine (whether it’s extra pounds, an unsightly scar or just less lucky in the looks department, a la Jane Eyre) gets the unattainable man.  So I read reviews about Neil LaBute’s play.. but I guess I didn’t read enough.  I quickly one clicked my purchase on Amazon and began to read.  Let me say play formats are not my most favorite reads, but hey, I’d suffer through just about anything for a happy ending 🙂  Alas… I didn’t quite get my happy ending.

The story is basically about a chance meeting between a successful, handsome business man and a plus sized librarian he meets at lunch one day.  He falls in love… she falls in love… and well… his friends (and ex-girlfriend) don’t fall in love with the fact she’s a full figure lady.  I found myself cringing through a lot of this play… simply because it brought to light the challenges of being a plus size WOMAN in today’s world; and truth be told, the writer’s words hit very close to home.  I won’t spoil the ending, but needless to say, I had a bunch of kleenex clutched in my hand.   I emphasize the plight of the plus size woman, because I really don’t believe men necessarily feel the prick of weight discrimination the way women do.   There’s definitely a double standard in the world of double chins.

Just look at the online dating world.  I can’t tell you how many profiles I come across where the man is robust (think fat) but claim they are ‘average’ or carrying a ‘few extra pounds’. And yet… they are looking for a kind, honest lady who is  ‘slim’ and ‘atheletic and toned’.  Hey, I get that you can’t help what you’re attracted too, but be honest with yourself (and the rest of the world) as to where you lie on the  body fat spectrum.  What do you think?  Is there a double standard when it comes to double chins?

On a brighter note… I finally found a pair of shoes for the wedding I have next week.  I’m really out of practice walking in heels and as I need a wide width, it’s very difficult to find a shoe that doesn’t make me feel like an elephant balancing on stilts 😉  Aside from the fact… after my dress purchase, my budget was extremely tight.  I ended up with a pair of black patent peep toe platform sling backs…for under… get this… $20!  They were deeply discounted at The Avenue and with a coupon and shipping, I got them home for $23!  The dress is by Adrianna Papell and was $188 dollars at Nordstrom.  I scored mine (new with tag) on Ebay for $67 shipped.  I worry since the wedding is a work crowd that the cleavage will be a bit much, but my daughter says no.  I tried on the size 20 in the store which was a little big and the 18 was a little small.  I ended up getting the 18 and with my new eating plan 😉 it fits perfectly everywhere… just a tiny bit snug on the boobs, hence the abundance of cleavage 🙂  What do you think (and geez.. the photo is not of me):